What size should I order?

The following information is offered to help determine which size of glove to order.  Since everyone’s hands are different and what may constitute a well-fitting glove for one person can be vastly different for another, sizing can be a difficult task.  Much like trying to find the perfect fit for shoes without trying them on.  Please note that the gloves will, after a short break-in period, stretch slightly.  We want you to have the best fit possible so if you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us --we are happy to help in any way we can! 

Measure your hand where shown in the diagram below.  Determine circumference by measuring at the arrow all the way around the hand--Do not include the thumb. 

 The chart gives an approximate range, in inches, for the indicated size.  We can make adjustments to the length of the strap if needed.


Large        8" - 9 1/2"     (generally suited for men)

Medium    6 1/2”- 8”      (generally suited for women)

Small        5”- 6 1/2”      (generally suited for ages 8+)

Extra Small   <5”           (generally suited for under 8)



Debbie wears a Medium and her measurement is 6 3/4".
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