Who can benefit from wearing and what can they be used for? 

The gloves are helpful for quadriplegics and anyone with limited or no hand function that uses a wheelchair.  They can prove to be helpful in many areas.  The original design was for propelling a wheelchair but they are helpful with transfers, dressing, eating, writing and other daily tasks.  See what some of our customers have to say Testimonials.

***How long do the gloves last? 

It varies from user to user and factors like how much they are worn, taken on and off,  how active the user is and the terrain being pushed can affect the longevity of the gloves.  It’s much like the exact same shoe being worn by different people; they wear out at different speeds. Most customers see a 3-5 month lifespan but again it varies from user to user.

***Why are the palms a different color?

Due to the manufacturing process of both the palm insert and the suede itself it's reasonable to expect that color variations may occur from time to time.  These variations do not affect the quality or durability of the material--it is simply a color difference.  If you are expecting a blue palm; that's not us.

***Can you make adjustments to the gloves?

Yes, we make every effort to accommodate individual requests but extra charges and production time can come into play. Adjustments to the length of the strap can easily be made.  If other adjustments are desired please Contact Us to discuss options.  Custom gloves, in most cases, cannot be returned.

***What size should I order? 

See our Sizing Guide for help with determining what size to order or  Contact Us.  We want you to have the best fit possible and are happy to help.

***What size was my last glove order? 

We keep basic customer information on file (never credit card numbers) such as date of order, color, size and notes on previous orders.  Contact Us  to see what you are wearing now.

***How can I clean my ? 

The gloves can be washed in dishwashing detergent or put in the washing machine eith like colored in cold water.  Be sure to have the straps closed so they Velcro doesn't pick up fuzz/strings/etc.  The can be air driedor put in dryer on lowest setting.  I personally do not care for them after being washed because the suede gets a bit stiff but some customers wash them first thing because they like it. I use a disinfectant spray and/or disinfectant wipe on them like I do on my push rims.  A paper towel or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol can be used on the rubber palms.
Keep in mind all of the suede goes through a dying process to achieve the various colors.  Washing can cause some degree of fading, even on the lighter colors.  Wash accordingly.

***Can I return/exchange my gloves? 

Yes, as long as the gloves are returned in “new, unused condition” we will gladly accept returns/exchanges.  See Policies/FYI.

***Do you offer discounts? 

Yes, we offer 10% on 6+ pairs and 15% on 12+ pairs. The discount is automatically calculated during checkout.

***What forms of payment do you accept? 

You can checkout directly through our web site using Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or PayPal. You can call us at 540-343-1697 to place an order as well.  Please Contact Us  if you are a company/agency/institution and wish to use a Purchase Order.

***How soon will my order ship? 

Orders generally ship in 3-5 business days via United States Postal Service (USPS).  Large or custom orders may take additional time.  Once the order ships, tracking information will be sent from www.stamps.com to the email provided during checkout (check your spam folder).

***Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, using United States Postal Service (USPS) unless prior arrangements are agreed upon.  Any and all customs duties, fees, taxes and the like are the sole responsibility of the recipient.  We cannot be responsible for any shipments that are lost or that do not clear customs.  

***Will insurance cover the cost? 

Unfortunately, in most cases, insurance companies do not cover the cost of the gloves.

Comments, suggestions or would you like to submit a testimonial, video and/or photo? 

Please Contact Us , we appreciate feedback from our customers!

10% discount on orders of 6+ and 15% on 12+
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