COVID-19 and GFL

As the world works through these challenging and uncertain times, our commitment to our customers remains a top priority to us.  We hope you and yours are well and have the supplies and support you depend on and need.

Zane and I have owned and operated since 2013 and we have the same concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus as you do.  I am a C6/7 complete quadriplegic from an injury I sustained in 2008 so we completely understand the seriousness of the situation and how you must be feeling as well. 

We will continue to keep our equipment and workplace cleaned and sanitized.  We are following CDC, state and local guidelines and are both symptom free.  Currently, we are not experiencing any issues with our suppliers or deliveries, albeit both are a bit slower.  If ANY of this changes, we will let you know. 

CLEANING THE GLOVES:  We've received a few questions about how best to clean your gloves regarding concern over COVID-19.  Please know we make no guarantee that these suggestions will prevent and/or protect you from this or any other virus. These are over all suggestions for general hygiene much like washing your hands on a regular basis.

The followings disinfectants can be used by applying liberally and either let air dry or toss in dryer (strap closed)…

**Clorox wipes
**Lysol spray
**Isopropyl Alcohol

Please note these may make the suede a bit darker and rough.  Once dry, the gloves can be lightly brushed to soften.

I personally use either the wipes or spray and am sure to wipe/spray my push trims and tires too!

The gloves can also be washed/dried with like color clothing (strap closed) with your laundry.  Bleeding/fading can occur, especially with the darker color suede.  This does stiffen and shrink the gloves a bit and I personally don't care for that but some customers do like it.

Helpful links…



Christopher & Dana Reeve...

NuMotion Wheelchair hygiene....

Let us know if you have any questions. 

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive!

Debbie and Zane Riggsby

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